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Originally posted ot the Pyramid message boards.

Top Ten Signs You've Got a Bad GM

by Andy Vetromile

  • 10. He runs the game for three hours and, when he looks up, seems surprised to see players sitting there.

  • 9. He rolls a six-sider and tells you your character took 45 points of damage.

  • 8. He starts the new campaign by asking "Are those all the character sheets you brought?"

  • 7. He passes out real plate mail armor and you're playing GURPS Bunnies & Burrows.

  • 6. The "sign" he expects you to use to indicate out-of-character discussion involves your pants.

  • 5. Every time you miss an attack roll, he mumbles to himself, "Skippy would have made that, God rest his soul."

  • 4. All his villain NPCs sound like Elmer Fudd.

  • 3. The mood-setting musical accompaniment is a Barney soundtrack.

  • 2. With every action you announce, he leans conspiratorially over the screen, shakes his head at you somberly, and stage-whispers hoarsely, "Let someone ELSE do that."

  • 1. His GM's guide is a copy of The Joy of Cooking.


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