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Gamemastering Secrets

Second Edition

by Aaron Rosenberg

with Sam Chupp, Hilary Doda, Ann Dupuis, Matt Forbeck, Lee Gold, Kenneth Hite, Larry D. Hols, Steven S. Long, Steven Marsh, Frank Mentzer, John Nephew, John R. Phythyon Jr., Jean Rabe, Mark Simmons, Lester Smith, James M. Ward, and Ross Winn!

Featuring Dork Tower comic strips by John Kovalic!

cover by Daniel M. Davis

Published by Grey Ghost Press, Inc.

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2003 Origins Award Winner!

Best Game Aid/Accessory

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In Gamemastering Secrets, Aaron Rosenberg and guest contributors cover everything about running a roleplaying game, from choosing a game system to closing out a long-running campaign. They give tips on how to handle various situations, pointers on potential dangers and how to avoid them, and advice on how to get the best aming experience for everyone involved.

If you've never GM'd before, they teach you how to go about it, where to start and how to proceed, and enough tricks to convince anyone that you're a veteran.

If you are an experience gamemaster, they give you new tricks, ways to keep your players on their toes, and ways to spice up your games.

For use with any roleplaying game (examples are drawn from the d20 and Fudge systems).

Featuring John Kovalic's "Dork Tower" comic strips, and

  • Same Chupp - Gamemastering for Kids
  • Hilary Doda - Women at the Gaming Table
  • Ann Dupuis - The Science and Art of Mapmaking
  • Lee Gold - NPCs: Not Paper Cutouts
  • Matt Forbeck - Running a Con Game
  • Kenneth Hite - The Joy of Research
  • Larry D. Hols - Throw 'em to the Wolves!
  • Steven S. Lng - Genre and Setting Simulation
  • Steven Marsh - Treasure
  • Frank Mentzer - Trust at the Gaming Table
  • John Nephew - The Beginner's Game
  • John R. Phythyon, Jr. - Creating Memorable Villains
  • Jean Rabe - Winging It
  • Mark Simmons - Gamemaster's Flowchart 101
  • Lester Smith - Campaign Troubleshooting
  • James M. Ward - Campaign World-building
  • Ross Winn - Character Creation

('d20 System' and the d20 System logo are Trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast and are used with permission. The Fudge System logo is a trademark of Steffan O'Sullivan, used under license. Logo design by Daniel M. Davis.)

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