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The world wide web provides a wonderful resource for the harried Gamemaster who needs to do quick research without spending a whole lot of time at it. While there is no substitute for a trip the library, nowadays you can find all sorts of great information on the web both to strength your Gamemastering, and to lend your game an air of verisimilitude.

Here, we strive to collect some of the best links for the Gamemeaster who would do on-line research. If you have found a link particularly useful for Gamemasters in any genre, send it to our Webmaster.

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Gaming Resources

General Reference
Broad-based reference resources that are useful for GMs (and for pretty much anybody else).

Resources for naming of characters and places. Includes lists of historical names for your historical gaming.

What fantasy game is complete without a dose of mythology? And in certain ears (including the present!), mythology can be an important factor in some historical games. These links will show you places on the web where you can look up details of mythology, and learn more about various cycles of mythology from Earth's own history.

For the time-travel, or historical GM, here are links where you can learn more about world history.

Geography and Mapping
Looking for maps for your games set here on Earth? Looking for maps of buildings for other worlds, or for places on Earth to "borrow" for those worlds? These links will help you in that quest.

Especially for the sci-fi GM, but for any other GM who wants to research some scientific information, these links will tell you about our world, our solar system, and our universe.

Fire your imagination and spice up your game with art drawn by various talented artists. (Be sure to respect each artist's terms of use).


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