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July 7, 2003
July 6, 2003
June 3, 2003
  • Added a couple of links to the GM's Web; see that section's New Links page for more information.

  • Added information about another honor Gamemastering Secrets, 2nd ed. has received to the Reviews & Awards page.

April 13, 2003
November 2, 2002
September 24, 2002
September 19, 2002
September 17, 2002
  • Fix a link or two, add a link or two.

  • Add a link to a review of GM Secrets on the new Reviews page. If you know of more reviews of the book, please send e-mail about them to webmaster@gmsecrets.com.

  • Add "Chreating Characters" by Dwight V. Swain to the Bookshelf page (suggested by Aaron W. Thorne).

August 31, 2002
August 25, 2002
  • Join gm-list@gmsecrets.com! Discuss gamemastering techniques, secrets, tips, and advice with other gamemasters. For any genre, any roleplaying game.... To join, send email to gm-list-request@gmsecrets.com, with the message "subscribe gm-list <youremail@address.here>". For more information, see the page about the mailing list.

August 11, 2002
  • Two articles added to the Articles section: an excerpt from Ken Hite's article in the book and a piece from Andy Vetromile.

July 28, 2002
July 20, 2002
July 7, 2002
  • Created the "What's New" page

  • Added numerous links to GM's Web, including the Names and Art pages.

  • Updated the "look" of the site (with backwards compatability for IE and Netscape 4, neither of which support PNG transparency. (Try the site with Mozilla, where full support of PNG transparency makes it look better.)


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