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You can find on the web numerous artists amateur and professional displaying their creations. Many artists have fantasy, science-fiction, or other art galleries which may be of special interest to gamemasters.

Please respect each artist's copyright. Before using any piece of art you find on the web, be sure to locate and read the artist's terms of use. Many (but not all) artists do not mind if you print out one of their pieces for private use in a gaming session; very few allow you to use their work on your personal web page without explicit permission. Before you use a piece of art for any purpose, be sure that your intended use is allowed by the artist.


Fantasy Art

A gigantic gallery of amateur artists, whose quality ranges from mediocre to truly excellent. Includes the Lothlorien gallery of medieval, classical, and ancient fanatasy, and the Zone 47 gallery of urban/modern fantasy and science fiction.

Science-Fiction Art

Zone 47
Zone 47 is the science fiction gallery at the aforementioned Elfwood.

Fonts of Particular Interest to Gamemasters

Looking for a gothic, fantasy, futuristic, or blood-dripping font for documents to use in your game? There are collections of just those sorts of fonts available on the web. As wtih art, be sure to verify that the terms of use of each font make your use legitimate; it is possible to download fonts from the web which should not be avilable for free use.

Art Which May Be Free To Use On Private Websites

At the time of compiliation, most of the artists below had a relatively liberal use policy for their art. Many of them allow you to use their art on private, non-commerical websites, in turn requestingly only (for example) that you do not modify the art and that you provide a link back to the artist's site. Always read the terms of use; look for links on the site such as "terms of use", "usage policy", "FAQ", "general info", or similar. It is possible that the artist has changed her terms since the site was listed here. In any event, there may be fewer or more restrictions than you expect, or there may be restrictions on individual pices.

When you do have permission to use an artist's work on your web page, you should always download a copy of the image to your server. Otherwise, you will be costing the artist bandwidth.

Fantasy Art (Primarily)

(Primarily) Historical Clip-Art


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