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For map-making software, see the Gaming Resources: Tools page.

World Maps

The Xerox Parc Map Viewer

An interactive map of the world that lets you generate maps of coastlines and rivers of the earth at any resolution. (Unfortunately, this service has been deactivated, which is a true pity.)

Map Maker

A site at Charles Stuart University in Austrailia which has an outline map of the continents of the world, and lets you zoom on the region in which you are interested, generating a map with coastlines, rivers, and/or political divisions. Similar to the now-deactivated Xerox Parc Map Viewer above.

Outline Maps Home Page

By Paul B. Anderson and Paul S. Anderson. A set of high quality maps, and numerous links to other mapping sites.

Fantasy & RPG Maps

The Great Net Map Archive

A site at NetRPG.com with maps of buildings, worlds, and villages/towns/cities.

RPGHost's Map Resources

Including dungeons, floorplans, cities, and wilderness (mostly fantasy).

Legolas's Fantasy and Medieval Maps

Including fantasy maps and a lot of historical maps of cities, castles, temples, etc.

Mapping Tools & Collections

City of Solis RPG Archive

Various nicely drawn maps and textures useful for printing on cardstock on various themes, mostly fantasy.

Irony Games World Maker

Create instant villages, taverns, cities, caverns, dungeons, and more complete with maps, 3d pictures, residents, and random encounters! Mostly fantasy maps, but also star maps.

Weregamers: Map Icons

Several fairly nice map icons you can use with any graphic program to create your own maps. Includes castles, fields, hills, mountains, trees, etc. Fairly limited right now, but useful nonetheless!


A collection of links to mapping programs, utilities, resources, and, of course, maps themselves, all geared toward Game Masters. Compiled by Juha juuso Vesanto.


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